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Fake Call Center Busted By Mumbai Police In North Region 10 Arrested & 40 Detained

Fake Call Center Busted By Mumbai Police In North Region 10 Arrested & 40 Detained

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

The Malad and Bangur Nagar police have arrested 10 people and detained atleast 40 for running and working in a fake call centre that cheated foreign nationals by luring them into buying sex enhansment supplements and applications from Google playstore for lesser amount.

According to the police officers, the raid was carried on under the supervision of Vishal Thakur, deputy commissioner of police (zone 11) on Wednesday. The police officers said that they had received information that a few fake centers had been operating in their jurisdiction who were cheating foreign nationals.

On Wednesday evening the police raided the premises at SV Road in Malad and link Road in Bangur Nagar and arrested 10 people for running the call centres.

Thakur said that the owners of the call cebtres used to steal the data and phone numbers of American nationals from the dark web and with the help of Voice Over Internet Protocol Service, theymir employees used to call up the Americans and lure them into buying sex enhansment supplements. The call centre employees them used to ask the American residnet to transfer the amount through internet and money transfer apps.

In Bangur Nagar also the police arrested the owners of a fake call centre where cars tried to sell Google play apps in a lesser amount than the price set by Google.

The police had detained the employees of the call centers and released them after giving a notice to be present in court on the particular date after mentioning their names in the FIR.

“We have arrested the owners of the fake call centres and are now looking out for more such establishments which were run by the accused,” said Thakur.

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