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Her Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri sent a call to all Humanity for World Peace. Let us look at the world with an omnipresent vision, without making any judgment,

Her Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri sent a call to all Humanity for World Peace. Let us look at the world with an omnipresent vision, without making any judgment,


Her Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri sent a call to all Humanity for World Peace. Let us look at the world with an omnipresent vision, without making any judgment, nor hatred, nor anger, nor revenge spirit … because what is done was to be done and we are all responsible for the history of humanity. In our World today, everywhere there is suffering, violence, crying, shouting, complaints, famines, no potable water, psychological disturbances, manipulation, fears, crimes of all kinds, disrespect for human rights,

war, destruction, death, global warming, even nature complains about us. Do we really want to continue living like this? Why not make our earth a marvelous paradise …?, Yes it is possible … we are capable of it as long as we can uphold peace, forgiveness, respect and love within us and we can humbly extend that to others, creating then a better and wonderful world for global families. Why blindly to invest in the production of destructive weapons?

It is aimed at increasing corporate profits – below blood money- cause wars, hatred and bitterness, continuing destruction of life only to satisfy our ego and acquire more wealth at the expense of others. What shall we take from Earth with us tomorrow, when we are called to the other side or when our mission here on earth ends?

The only wealth we can take along from here is our memories – records of our acts either good or bad. It is our fears, our prejudices, our faults, our hatred, our racism, our gossip, our perversities, our complexes and our ignorance that we must fight and not our brothers, sisters, children,

fathers and mothers around the world. We act as if our body was immortal on this earth which was kind enough to welcome us as privileged guests. Our barbaric acts far exceed the aggressiveness of certain wild animals, we are not even able to respect the fauna and flora,

our oxygen. The covid19 plunged us all into a planetary lockdown, we lost our loved ones there, and we continue to suffer from it. This situation should serve us as a lesson and bring us closer in order to avoid starvation and the gradual collapse of all world economy and finance.

What if for once in the history of humanity we lay down our arms, destabilize our ego and invest together in world peace, giving our family, The Humanity, a chance to live in harmony, respect, health, joy, abundance and security for all . Let us forget the past and our differences, forgive even our deepestwounds and fight together against poverty, child labor, ill – treatment of women and children,

all crimes and the world imbalance of the ecosystem may the strongest reach out to the weakest, the richest share with the poor, the most educated teach those who have not had the opportunity to receive teachings. Let’s invest in high quality free education for all in order to prepare our children for the supreme knowledge and international peace. Only peace and peace education bring prosperity to a country; There is no secret,

a country at peace is a balanced country, healthy, wealthy and successful. Let us celebrate in the future the tragedy of Covid19 as a Sacred International Day of Planetary Lockdown to allow nature to rest from us and breath.We will remember how United we were in “One body” against the COVID19.

Yes, we are created equal! Our color, language, religion, social level, skills are not our identity. We always identify ourselves with appearance and our ignorance plunges us into chaos.

We are Life that makes the body vibrate. We are Spirit living a bodily experience and not a body having a Spiritual Experience. The human body is only our external form,

our appearance, our ego which always wants to possess more and more, directed by our intelligence which believes that everything is subordinate to it, going so far as to forget that only consciousness is the master on board . Intelligence is limited and disintegrates with the brain as we age.

Only consciousness is our reality. Yes, we are all equal. Yes, we all have strong ability to think, feel and desire; Our thoughts and emotions have power and our power is found in our freedom of thought and the faith that drives it.

If together we develop positive thoughts of peace, harmony and love, we will surely cultivate the sweetness and honey of our common destiny. Everything is a form of consciousness and we reap what we sow !!

Her Royal Majesty Queen Nadia Harihiri Ambassador at Large for UN Affairs at IHRC Arbitration Judge at the Federal Court for International Human Rights Founder & Executive Chairwoman of Successworld1 NGO President in charge of the General Planning & European Union at ADN NGO Pro Chancellor at Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology (RCST) President of CID Africa Honorary President of United Leaders Board Member of GITAC Foundation International Chairlady at African Festival Foundation Global Ambassador at Unnatii – The Upliftment Global Ambassador for Peace at Fundacion El Sol shoeden Nadia Harihini

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