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S.S.R.Death Case – Riya Chakraborty’s brothers Shouvik and Samuel were sent to NCB custody till 9th

S.S.R.Death Case – Riya Chakraborty’s brothers Shouvik and Samuel were sent to NCB custody till 9th

NCB team raids Riya Chakraborty’s house to investigate drug angle

Mumbai: Indradev Pandey

The case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput is in front of the biggest transaction Lifetime. While the CBI is investigating Sushant’s death, drug connections have also surfaced in the case. Riya Chakraborty’s brother Shouvik Chakraborty has been arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau. NCB has taken this action this evening.

The team of NCB raided the homes of Shawwick and Samuel between 6am this morning. From there, both were taken to the NCB office for questioning. Finally, after several hours of questioning, the NCB arrested Shouvik. So it is being said that Samuel Miranda will also be arrested soon.

The officer who raided Riya’s house in a drug case is the husband of a ‘yes’ Marathi actress

After taking Shouvik Chakraborty for questioning, there was a strong possibility that he would be arrested. However, the NCB denied the possibility. However, it is surprising that NCB tightened its grip on Shouvik on Friday night.

Drug dealer agrees, Shouvik had taken drugs even after Sushant’s death The CBI has not yet succeeded in solving the mystery of Sushant’s death. This case is becoming more complicated.

Investigations had revealed that Shouvik, brother of actress Riya Chakraborty, had purchased the drugs. A few days ago, the NCB squad arrested drug peddlers Zad Vilatra and Abdul Parihar. After questioning the two, he confessed to giving drugs to Samuel Miranda in July, while Shouvik Chakraborty confessed to giving him money to buy drugs. The court took both the accused on remand till 9 September.

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