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Oshiwara police filed an FIR for raping a 23-year-old woman, aganist boy friend including the brother of accused

Oshiwara police filed an FIR for raping a 23-year-old woman, aganist boy friend including the brother of accused

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

Mumbai’s Oshiwara police have registered a case of rape, assault, abusive speech, cheating, and bullying of the lover’s brother, including the woman’s boyfriend, after recording the statement of a 23-year-old woman.

The same woman told the police in her statement that in the year 2018 in the month of March, through social media, she met Ajay Dashrath Harijan through Facebook and Instagram, after which Ajay asked the victim’s mobile number via a message after the victim woman gave their number to a person named Ajay.

After which Ajay and the victim woman came in contact with each other and on 10/8/2014 Ajay called the victim to meet him at Goregaon West Ram mandir station and after meeting the two, went to visit Juhu Beach.

On Juhu beach, Ajay expresses his love to the victim and falls into their trap, after which the two begin to fall in love with each other, the same Ajay started taking the victim woman in love and bluffing her for marriage, after which in 2019 Ajay introduced the victim to his family members. After getting introduced, Ajay demanded 50 thousand rupees from the victim woman to start his business, due to the victim not having money, the victim took out a personal loan and gave it to her lover i.e. accused Ajay Dashrath Harijan.

Then in the month of April 2020, the victim questioned Ajay about the business, then Ajay told that he has lost in business, after which both of them said that there was an uproar and hearing. But victim was having full faith that he truly loves her and is about to marry her.

After which, in the month of June 2020, the victim woman ran away from her house and reached Goregaon west Bhagat Singh Nagar, the home of her lover Ajay Dashrath Harijan.

After which the victim started living with Ajay at her house, but the victim did not know that Ajay’s brother Vijay Dasaratha Harijan had a bad eye on her. He started coming home and stayed for a long time, due to which he started talking to the victim’s and her lover Ajay’s brother, but the victim did not know that he had a bad eye on Vijay.

Then in the month of August 2020, Ajay and his family members went out for some work and the victim woman was alone at home. Taking advantage of alone, Ajay’s brother vijay forcibly raped the victim and then went on a rampage, after which the victim told incident to Vijay’s wife but she did not believe

After which in the month of September 2020, along with the victim was assaulted and abused, whose complaint was filed by the victim in the police, on which the police had registered a case against Vijay under section 323,504,506.

Feeling guilty, the victim had filed a written complaint at the Oshiwara police station. On the day of 2/12/2020, Oshiwara police recorded the statement of the victim against the accused Ajay Dasaratha Harijan and Vijay Dasharatha Harijan, including Indian Penal Law, Section 376 (rape) 376 (2) (Forced rape) 417(Cheating) 323 (assault and abuser) 504 (willful insult with intent to breach peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation) filed zero zero FIR and handed over to Goregaon West Bangur Nagar Police Station for further investigation both accused still at large from police

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