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One More Complaint File Against Two Fake Journalist At Borivali Police Station Of Extortion From Spa Owner

One More Complaint File Against Two Fake Journalist At Borivali Police Station Of Extortion From Spa Owner

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

Two journalists from local newspaper who were arrested by the Goregaon police for extortion, were booked a similar case in Borivali police station five days before.

The two arrested men identified as Abhinandan Paliwal (32) and Ankit Gupta (25) were caught for extorting Rs 55,000 from a spa on the pretext of enquiring if they were adhering to the norms of operations post lockdown.

Before approaching the spa owner Poonam Jain, the two journs had targeted a beauty salon and spa in Borivali west named as White Orchid wellness spa five days ago where they threatened the owner of filing a fake complaint against him of running a prostitution business in his salon. The men demanded that they should be paid Rs 40,000 per month by Tatikonda as hafta.

When Tatikonda refused to give them more money on their demand, Gupta and Paliwal approached the police and asked them to conduct raid on the establishment.

According to the complainant before the police, Gupta and Paliwal sent a bogus customer carrying condoms etc following which they reached the parlour and began checking his accounts and other documents and rooms claiming to be police helpers. Raju then gave a written complaint to the Borivali police.

Based on the two recent complaints and three past cases, the police have initiated the proceedings of MCOCA against the two journos

In Goregaon earlier spa owner Poonam Jain (33) she had started a spa in January 2020 and after few months had begun recieving calls from the accused Abhinandan Paliwal (32) and Ankit Gupta (25) to pay them “hafta”. “After the unlock procedure in the state had begun, private establishments were reopening. Taking advantage of the situation, the accused duo, introduced themselves as journalists and began enquiring about the operations. The duo later threatened to conduct a raid at the spa and accused them of illegal activities,” said a police officer from Goregaon police station.

Jain in her statement to the police said that when she initially received a call from the duo to pay them Rs 55,000, she assumed it to a prank call and dismissed it however the accused went to her spa and threatened her that they would lodge a fake complaint that her spa was indulging in illegal actions and get a raid conducted by the police. Jain paid them the extortion amount by different transactions but later their demand increased and they demanded Rs 55,000 again, she suspected foul play and approached the police.

“They had also threatened to throw acid on my face if I did not pay them,” said Jain.

Officers said that there have been many complaints against Gupta, Paliwal and three others who are their accomplices. The five have been introducing themselves as journalists and extorting money from small establishments like spa and beauty salons threatening them of conducting police raids in their establishments claiming to be running prostitution business in their shops.

“We have began proceedings against the two under sections of the MCOCA act,” said a police officer.

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