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Ghatkopar Cops Denied To Register An FIR Of Bar Girl Raped Bar Owner Suresh Shetty Managed Cops To Register Molestation Charges & Arrested

Ghatkopar Cops Denied To Register An FIR Of Bar Girl Raped Bar Owner Suresh Shetty Managed Cops To Register Molestation Charges & Arrested

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

The Chirag Nagar police arrested the restaurant and bar owner on charges of attempting to rape a bar girl. Last night at around two o’clock he called the bar girl and first demanded to have a physical relationship with him. When the victim refused, the accused forcibly put her hand on her private part and started molesting her. The accused dragged the victim to the secret location of the hotel but the victim somehow managed to escape.
According to the information, the victim worked as a singer at Vaishali Bar & Restaurant in Ghatkopar West. From December last year, the victim started working as a singer in Vaishali Bar. In the month of January this year, a customer named Washim pledged one lakh rupees on the victim. After that, Washim left the bar without paying. Bar owner, accused Suresh Shetty started asking for the said money from the victim. While some percent of the money blown on the bar girls gets to the bar girls.

Suresh Shetty started demanding money every day. Whereas hotel management is responsible for blowing money and bill payment by customers. The accused started threatening the victim out of knockery. Not only this, many times the victim was asked to have a physical relationship, but the victim refused. Meanwhile, the victim Bar Girl also paid 50 thousand rupees to the accused, but started demanding the accused another 50 thousand.

“To save my knock, I gave 50 thousand rupees to Shetty by borrowing from a friend of mine, yet Shetty used to tell me to sleep everyday. Not only that, Shetty threatened me that if you did not give 50 thousand more then your daughter’s I will do sex with you. I got scared and stopped going to the bar. She got a call from Shetty last night and said come to the hotel, talk and you will come back to work tomorrow. I went to meet Shetty at night but Take Shetty was drunk.


On leaving, Shetty started removing my clothes and started saying let me have sex first. I came out of the room. Three of the four hotel workers caught me and took me to the hotel CD. There Suresh started trying to rape me but I started saving myself. Suresh Shetty started putting his hand on my genitals. I somehow got out in a wounded condition, ”the victim said

After getting out, the victim called the police control room 100. The police then took the victim to Chirag Nagar police station in Ghatkopar.
The victim alleged that the Chirag Nagar police lodged them in the police station overnight without registering a complaint. The victim’s complaint was lodged at around 9 am, but the case was registered only for molestation.
The victim said that the police were busy in the night to clear the case. I was injured but nobody took me for medical. The police station on duty scared me. Not only this, when I took my FIR in the morning and called Shetty to the police station, he was threatening to rape me and my daughter in front of the police, but the police was silent.

Government tool said that after 8 o’clock in the night, no woman can be kept in the police station and cannot be arrested. Did the police do such a festival once because of being girls.
However, the police arrested Shetty for molestation.

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