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If the web series Ashram 2 is released, Karni Sena will protest against Prakash Jha and MX Player across the country

If the web series Ashram 2 is released, Karni Sena will protest against Prakash Jha and MX Player across the country

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

Karni Sena’s organization in Mumbai, General Secretary Surjit Singh by his lawyer, producer Prakash Jha and Legal notice has been sent to the MX player In this legal notice, Surjeet Singh, General Secretary of Karni Sena, said that the objectionable view which has been shown has insulted the saint society of the country.

The word Ashram is a word of respect and reverence for Hindus, Prakash Jha’s web series, Ashram is a series that hurts the feelings of Hinduism. After this, General Secretary Surjit Singh of Karni Sena organization sent legal notice to producer Prakash Jha and MX player by his lawyer

Prakash Jha is not at all disturbed by the legal notice received by Karni Sena. They believe that it would be better if all these matters are left to the audience. They will decide

Prakash has not accepted bowing before Karni Sena. Unsurprisingly at the demand of Karni Sena, Prakash Jha said in his statement that who are the people of Karni Sena? Reminding him of the success of his first season, he said that the first part of his web series ‘Ashram’ has been viewed by more than 400 million people. The audience will decide for themselves whether the series is spreading positivity or negativity. This whole thing should be left to them.

On this statement of Prakash Jha, the organization general secretary of Mumbai karni sena , Surjit Singh said that if Prakash Jha’s web series Ashram 2 Release happens, then Karni Sena will protest against this web series across the country as well as the MX Player Office and Prakash Jha Karni Sena workers will protest fiercely outside the house, the same Surjit Singh further said that Karni Sena is an sena on its own, no sena with any publicity stunt. we will. Not tolerate insult of saints

Mumbai Karni Sena slams Prakash Jha should not make such statements. Don’t challenge the karni sena , if he has become so proud of himself, then he did not forget about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’ and what we did with Sanjay leela Bansali do.

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