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Now Khar Police Probing Angle of Drugs In New Year Party Murder Mystery

Now Khar Police Probing Angle of Drugs In New Year Party Murder Mystery

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

The Khar police investigating the case said that at 2.30am Janhvi left the rooftop after a heated argument with her alleged boyfriend and the girl he was making out with. However after allegedly killing her, Jadhankar and Padankar returned to the party without a stain of blood on their clothes which led the others attending the party believe that Janhvi had left for home.
It was not until 6 am that the murder was discovered. Officers on the crime scene said that at 6am a woman from the building was walking her dog when she saw blood dripping from the staircase above her floor. It was then she informed the watchmen who called the police to report the crime. “By this time the party was still going on on the rooftop and the murder went unnoticed as people used the lift and not the stairs to go up and down the building,” said the officer.
When the police reached the rooftop, they found alcohol bottles and people in the party inebriated. The organizer of the party then revealed that it was Jodhankar and Padankar who had a fight with Kukreja before she left the terrace and went down.
The police are also probing whether drugs were being consumed at the party however they have not found any at the spot.
Medical examination of the couple is done to verify this. The police are in a process of recording statements of the people attending the party.

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