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Rubbished allegations of rape levelled against me by singer Renu Sharma. Said Maharashtra Minister of Social Justice Dhananjay Munde

Rubbished allegations of rape levelled against me by singer Renu Sharma. Said Maharashtra Minister of Social Justice Dhananjay Munde

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader and Maharashtra Minister of Social Justice Dhananjay Munde on Tuesday rubbished allegations of rape levelled against him by singer Renu Sharma.

“From yesterday some documents about me have been circulating on social media in which I have been accused of rape. A woman named Renu Sharma has tweeted the document from her own Twitter account. The documents show that some complaint has been lodged against me. All these false allegations are defaming me and are in order to blackmail me,” Munde wrote on Facebook.

On Monday, Sharma said that she had lodged a complaint against Munde and had also written a letter to Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh. However, she said that no action has been taken yet. “Oshiwara police station is not even accepting my written complaint,” she said. Tagging former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter, the singer wrote, “My life is in threat please help

Meanwhile, rubbishing the allegations of rape, Dhananjay Munde revealed alleged details about the matter. He said Renu Sharma is the younger sister of Karuna Sharma, with whom he has been in a consensual relationship since 2003. “My family, wife and friends were aware of this. As a result of mutual consent, we had two children, a boy and a girl. I have given my name to these two children. From school certificate to all of their documents, my name is mentioned as the parent of these children and they live with me. My family, wife and my children have also accepted them as family members,” Munde said.

“As Karuna Sharma is the mother of my children, I have accepted the responsibility of her upbringing. I have helped her to get a place in Mumbai. I have helped her to get an insurance policy and her brother to set up a business. All these actions I have done in good faith. However, after 2019 Karuna Sharma and her sister Renu Sharma started blackmailing me and demanding money. They also threatened to kill me. Their brother Brijesh Sharma was also involved in all this. In this regard, a complaint has also been lodged with the police on November 12, 2020,” the Minister added.

“In November 2020, Karuna Sharma published a very personal and private material related to me on social media with the intention of defaming me and blackmailing me. In this regard, I have filed a case in the High Court and the matter is sub judice. At the same time, the process of reconciliation is underway through the lawyers of both the parties. In this context, I have personally gone to the High Court against Karuna Sharma. It would not be appropriate for me to comment further as it sub judice. I also urge the media in this regard to avoid further comment as it will affect the judicial process in this case,” he further added.

Under this pretext, Munde said that Renu Sharma posted “false and defamatory allegations” against him. The Minister said that this is nothing but a plan to blackmail him and collect ransom. “I have SMS proof that Renu Sharma has blackmailed me for crores of rupees. This might also be a part of the pressure mechanism to settle Karuna’s case pending in the High Court,” he added.

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