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Mumbai: Driver wanted to marry daughter with ransom money, kidnapped owner’s twin children

Mumbai: Driver wanted to marry daughter with ransom money, kidnapped owner’s twin children

Mumbai – Indradev Pandey

In Andheri, Mumbai, the police have busted a kidnapping case. Here a driver along with a relative kidnapped the twins of their own builder owner. The police has now told about the matter that the driver working for the builder had planned to kidnap the children so that he could take a ransom of Rs 1 crore in lieu of it.

“During interrogation, the driver confessed that he had conspired to kidnap the owner’s twin children to get his daughter married,” said the police officer.

According to the police officer, the matter came to light when a real estate developer complained to the police on Monday evening of the disappearance of their children. He told the police that they were returning home from Juhu. On the way, the Kidnappers beat their driver and kidnapped the children.

According to the complaint, a kidnapper allegedly forcibly opened the car door and then threatened the children-driver. Kidnappers then took the vehicle to the PVR area of ​​Juhu.

The complaint also states that the kidnappers administered drugs to the children and the driver. After this, one child and the driver were put in the school bus by the kidnappers, while the other child was kept in the car.

During this time police reached the spot and rescued a child. At the same time, the second child managed to escape with the help of the people present there and his parents knew about this whole incident. The police officer said that meanwhile, the mother of the children received a phone call for a ransom of one crore.

According to the police officer, ‘In the complaint we suspected many places and we first started questioning the driver. After 18 hours of questioning, he told that he hatched a kidnapping plot so that he could get a ransom of 1 crore rupees and get his daughter married.

The accused driver also called one of his relatives from Delhi to carry out the kidnapping and promised him to give half of the ransom amount.

The police have arrested both the accused and claimed to have settled the case. An FIR has also been filed in the case under different sections of the Indian Penal Code.

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