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Gadga Project A Gift To Melghat Tribal Area by FA company.

Gadga Project A Gift To Melghat Tribal Area by FA company.

Reporter by Zafar khan from melghat
Melghat is a scenic place with beautiful mountains, dense forest covers, rivers flowing with beautiful weather which will attract anyone from metropolitan cities. Life in Melghat tribal is mostly undisturbed by our effects such as pollution. Situated at 150km from Amravati district of Maharashtra it’s the best place anyone can dream of to live. The nature is so beautiful with its different colors of rain, sun, fog that it just touches the human heart so deeply that can’t be explained in words. But the problems here like water scarcity is most serious of all as there are not major dams in near by areas. By mid of December water flow from rivers decrease and till February all the river beds are dried. To solve this problem government started construction of GADGA DAM. GADGA dam is being constructed on GADGA river near dharni tehsil, the project itself is a challenge to begin with. Located in dense forest of Satpura Range and being a tiger reserve it’s very difficult to carry on with work. Main city Amravati is located 150 km away from dharni.

This work is undertaken by FA Construction from mumbai. The pace by which work is done by FA Construction is astonishing. Against all the odds of environment and weather the project is going to be the best gift for the tribal from the time of Independence of our country. All the credit goes to the youngsters of FA Construction who are giving up their lavish lives in metropolitan cities and coming to the remotest tribal areas for benefit of the tribal people. Salute to the young heros.

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